Strategic gameplay

I think the strategic gameplay could be improved, especially since the addition of random-gen strategy has taken a big hit in Rust. Here are my ideas to fix it

  • Remove destruction with handheld items and focus more on explosives. Also make explosives cause increased damage to chests
    With this people will have to figure out a plan of attack. They need to know which room to hit and how to avoid the chests. This means they will have to stalk their victims, know which room to hit. Not only to get loot but also to get the best loot

Raiding shouldn’t be so boring

That’s not increasing strategic possibilities, that’s removing anything other than c4, and increasing the amount of damage it does to chests, (which if you remember drop only some of the items when destroyed) to make raiding easier. oh, and making it easier to see through walls. to me that’s dumbing down raiding, nothing more.

So basically you want the magical ability to see through walls and know where people hide their loot so that you can take your super explosive and easily tunnel a way through their defences to steal their shit.

Sounds like winning gameplay to me.