"Strawberry Swing" Rebels chillaxin'

Unrelated thread title hurr durr.


After a hard weeks work of surviving, the rebels Kyle, Thomas and Phil found themselves a box of well deserved beer



This one’s not one of my favorites, but I just needed to kill some time posing something, and this did the trick.

Good posing mate.

Is it edited somehow? If it is, nice editing.

Posing is great, nice angle.

Nice posing



Also, thanks :3:

Oh yes. It is. :smiley:

Their clothes are luminescent.

Camera angle is decent.
Posing is good.
Faceposing is really nice.
Thread music fits quite well.
As stated above, the dodging and burning is a little too even and gives a strange plastic effect on some of the clothing.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Jesus, I love that song.

The video is more awesome than the song :3

Little did Thomas know was that his beer was wine. Nice job.

That’s Phil, stoopod :downs: