Stream 48h for a key

Yep 48h for a key x)

(User was banned for this post ("Begging for key" - Swebonny))

Goodluck with not Falling asleep, come back here if you got a key lol :slight_smile:

so you are streaming 48hours for a rust key? or are you giving away keys cause you are streaming for 48hours

for a rust key :stuck_out_tongue:

and who will give it to you?

This is getting beyond a joke now.

well… i am loss for words… goodluck i guess

give this kid a key already in before it hurts itself :smiley:

I’m crazy lol :stuck_out_tongue:

have you read the sticky?

stream that film if you’re so great

How desperate do you have to be to risk your mental health for a key?

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Actually nevermind, he has no mental health

gonna jump from a building for a key .D

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we came so far that people have to damage themself just for a key.

it’s only if few weeks until we might get to play it anyway… i dont get it.

i just stream beacause i need them :o

And who is going to give you this key? It won’t be the devs, I think I have autism now after reading your posts. Thanks.

i dont think this will work no one will give you a key for streaming for 48 hours or maybe im wrong

OP if you stream Black Dynamite, Kung Pow and Clue I will give you a rust key


ok JesterUk :stuck_out_tongue:

(User was permabanned for this post ("banned on two alts." - postal))

Damn, your stream is so … exciting !