(Stream) Bone Adjustment System and Bone Preservation System

Hey guys,

Last month (or the month before, I don’t even remember anymore), I came up with a neat way to work with some basic conversion on an existing skeleton to turn it into a working GMod biped. I started college just after I was finishing that up and have been bogged down despite promising a tutorial. I’m not good with text tutorials in the first place and I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I plan on streaming it instead.

I have a couple of models I’d like to bang out for Halloween, so tomorrow (today?) Saturday September 26 at 8:00pm est I’ll be launching a stream and showing how I work on models from start to finish which will include a full explanation and walk-through for how proportions work, how the newer bone preservation system works, easy hierarchy control, jigglebone control, and various other things. I’ll also have a Skype chat going along with a Steam group chat going so people may ask questions if they get confused at any point. A friend of mine is supposedly going to be recording it so if you cannot attend you should be able to watch it at a later date. I still hope to write a Steam walk-through at some point but this should at least offer people a much better insight compared to before.

Note that I will be working on anime models, so if you happen to be the anti-christ of anime, you’re probably SOL.

My profile
The group chat
The stream

You’re welcome to ask about joining the Skype call but I’m not sure I’ll be allowing too many people in or it’ll get far too loud and I may need to start booting people.

In any case, I’ll be hopefully covering all questions and concerns people have regarding the proportions stuff and newer methods but you’re welcome to answer any question regarding Source porting, and again, I’ll be streaming the process from the start and hopefully covering just about everything. Do note however that I will be using 3ds max [2012] so if you use another program, this may not be nearly as much help to you.

I’ll see you guys at 8 if you’re there, and if not I’ll post the recorded video here afterward.

Was the stream recorded? I wasn’t able to stay for the entirety of the stream, and nothing’s showing up on twitch.

I meant to record it but forgot to do so. Fortunately a friend was recording it, but the model is not finished. I started with one model but ended up swapping. Here is the model I’m working with on the final project for the stream:



The model has about 141k polygons and would be very, very complex to rig. Since the model is a robot and has various types of joints requiring specific movement, using a skin wrap would probably fuck things up. The skeleton only took a few hours to process and the model is currently working on GMod animations. You’d expect much longer for such a complex model but it reakky wasn;t bad.


I’ll be updating it with textures, helper bones, and so on later today in another stream at the same time. Next weekend I may redo a fresh stream with a new model in case anybody missed it (even though a friend is recording it). I’ve also got some models to work on for Halloween which are now going to require manual rigging after I learned something new after today,

TL;DR A model that shouldn’t been complex was actually really easy using this new system. I’ll be streaming again later today at the same time and probably again next weekend or throughout the week.