[Stream] HK Clan - Streaming on UK4

Hello guys, will be streaming for a while, I’ll pretty much be gathering resources and such since our base got raided by hackers.

Can’t speak for now because my gf is here but I’ll answer all your questions over here or on chat!

Suggestions to improve the stream are welcome!

Laggy stream, quite, and really boring.

yeah, probably because of his “AMAZING” specs
GPU: Radeon HD 7770

CPU: Pentium I3 3.3GHZ

Radeon HD 7770 isn’t a bad card even… The CPU isn’t that great though.

Well, Theres a guy streaming nether and he has a worse CPU, the only difference ebtween his specs and mine is that my cpu is slightly better and his graphics card is better than mine yet he streams with no lag.

Streaming again, I changed some stuff, hopefully its fine now

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Anyone can check fi its still algging the stream?