Stream Snipers

On Killer Keemstars streams I keep seeing him get raided from stream snipers, it irritates me because I dont like seeing anyone get raided by cheaters, i’d like to hear some other opinions, because peoples reasoning may be varied.

I used to stream a lot, it’s a bit annoying at the beggining but you get used to it and it adds a bit of a challenge imo.

Stream sniping is perfectly fair, if you broadcast your screen, you’re going to get killed. If he’s streaming, that shouldn’t make him unraidable.

Keemstar likes to complain about things that don’t happen, or exaggerate them.

Most of times he might not be raided by stream snipers per se, might just be people who decide to raid him and then he cries stream snipers to prove he’s not bad at the game.

Stream sniping might not be that good, But Keemstar is horrible so it kind of evens it out.

It’s all fair game regardless. He wants to reveal his location on stream? his choice to do so and he’s probably fully aware that people will hunt for him if he does.

hahahaha :smiley: made him kill himself with C4 and he called me a hacker <3

looks like he took down the youtube stream D:

“Stream sniping” is like a new excuse for people to bitch about when they get killed.
It’s like when someone gets killed and either blames it on lag or claims that the other guy is a hacker.

Keemstar is a hacker anyway.

only because he streams he becomes like untochable? its completely fair for him to get raided especially when he shows his exact location and his inventory etc. to everyone

Except people actually DO stream snipe…most of the time it’s really obvious, you can just check the viewerlist in said persons stream, and often times you will see the person that was accused of being a stream sniper in that list…


When you publicly broadcast your position to people, you’re likely to be found.

I used to stream this game a good bit and be constantly stream sniped, that’s just how it is and it’s incredibly silly to get upset over it or try to do anything about it. Do I think it’s lame? sure. Is it anyones place to try and find these people and then punish them? nah, I made the choice to make my screen public so it’s on me.

One possible fix is when there are more servers possibly having an exclusive one for streamers, youtubers and quality community members. This fixes the stream snipe issue as well as provides more entertainment for everyone as all the big guys duke it out against one another.

If he gets upset about getting killed he should stop playing Rust…