Stream sniping

hello guys,

i watch alot streamers on twitch and have seen the struggle with streamsnipers. So i have an idea how to solve this problem.

I think you can get the ip adress of a user watching a stream easily. If you could send that ip to the rust server than the server could kick this user.

The best scenario would be, that twitch would have an option for the mods to type a command that sends all IPs of the current people watching to a specific rust-server (for example: send/ip/facepunch seattle)
The server than would kick all people with that ip (this wouldnt even require a save to a config file)

Or if it is without the help of twitch, than facepunch only would need to add this option to the server and a save way for streamers to send the IPs to the server.

I am not a dev nor do i know something about programming. I just was an serveradmin back in the time of 1.6.
The idea not only would be great for streamsniping in rust. Streamsniping is a problem most streamers playing a multiplayer game have to fight with. So i guess the chances of a cooperation with twitch regarding anti-streamsniping are pretty good.

what do you think?

Why on Earth would any server owner allow some Twitch stream chat mod shitlord to kick any player off of a server that didn’t belong to them? What about people who watch streams on unlimited 3G and game on a wired ISP, and so can use two completely different IPs? Can this be abused? Does this violate Twitch’s TOS? (Because if it does some small server owner could get away with it but no way is garry going to.)

I mean, this sounds like an interesting idea for a mod, but as a vanilla feature this raises more severe issues than it solves, I think.

If you are getting stream sniped, you’re bad. Rust has a build in “Streaming Mode” the masks the server name and every players name on the server. The only way you would be getting stream sniped is if you are playing on a modded server with the panel at the bottom that says the server name, and if that is the case, stop being bad and put a box or anything to cover it.

Notwithstanding the issues with abuse all of your post would open up, this ain’t possible. When people watch you on Twitch they are watching you through the site, not connecting to you directly.

Rust does more than most games to help streamers, I still don’t understand how people manage to find streamers’ games? Do they not have it enabled?

If it’s possible to get player lists from servers remotely, it would probably be possible to collect a big list of all the servers/players and just search for a specific person’s Steam name to find their server.

maybe my english is not good enough

twitch knows the IPs of all users that are watching right now, just like any other website knows.
If it would be possible for a chatmod or the streamer himself to give twitch a command to send a list of the peoples IPs that are currently watching to a specific rust server, the problem would be solved.

Therefor nobody needs to see the IPs, read them or whatever. Only twitch knows the IPs (just like they know now) and all what the mod is doing is giving twitch a command to send this hidden list (ofc only of that stream) to a validated (by facepunch) rust server. The server than kicks automaticly these people and doesnt have to save the IPs.

I dont understand what you mean by possibiities to abuse this, i mean facepunch knows the IPs and twitch too. The only new information is that if someone was kicked, than facepunch would know that someone with that specific IP was kicked from the server because he was using twitch at the same time.
Everything else is like it is now. So whats the point?

This is also very interesting for other games too.

I thought the point of Twitch live streaming was so that the “actors” could interact with their audience.
Why would you want to block them out?

“Facepunch” doesn’t know the player’s IP, the server does.

And for the thousands of servers that are not run by the devs, that server is in control of a private individual.

Why would any server owner allow Twitch to kick players from their server? That’s like allowing the local TV channel to escort people out of your house when they’re visiting. That’s a loss of control given over to some fucko streamer who can’t take adequate precautions against getting streamsniped, and it’s unacceptable.

still missunderstood
the devs have adminrights on the official servers, and there are logfiles with steamIDs and the IPs of all the players that were on that server, so yes, the know the IPs.
And i didnt say that twitch is kicking them or a mod, the rustserver is kicking players based on an IP adress. If you have adminrights on a rustserver you could kick a player by his steamID or IP manually.
You can also ban or kick people permanently by adding there IP or steamID to a config …
If faacepunch would add a function to make this automaticly, the server could do that alone.
got it now?

No offence but it would be way more constructive to actually read what has been written.

The inofficial way would be to mod a private server with that
(a simple plugin should do that. Back in the CS-days there was something calles “Clanmod” and later “AMX-Mod” - i bet it is super easy to that for a private server)
The only issue here would be how to get the IPs of a stream, if thats possible or even legal
(i guess not - hope so at least :p)

Thats why a cooperation between twitch and facepunch regarding this simple function would be a clean, simple and legal way.

We understand your suggestion. We find it horrendously inefficient, presumptuous, illogical, potentially abusable and ultimately unnecessary. If someone can’t adequately mask their server info and is getting streamsniped, I believe streaming software offers local delay options before sending it to Twitch.

This is just such a terrible, terrible idea. I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll just point out that if a simple time delay and hidden names of players and servers isn’t enough, then you’re doing it wrong.

i found out that this is easier as i thought.

You can use the windows own “netstat” command to get all IP adresses and thats not only easy, but totally legal and save.
For the rust server there is something equal to amxmod, called oxide.

So what i suggested is possible right now already, just you have to do it “by hand”.

Thanks guys for all your ideas and support. :smile:

Tell me how netstat tells you the IP addresses of people connected to a Twitch IRC channel running on Twitch servers.

Actually, don’t. Just stop.

Even though you would create a way to block IPs, it would be easy to circumvent. If I wanted to stream snipe, I could just use my 2nd computer with a VPN service to watch the stream. There would be no way to tell wich IP i am playing from. With some networking skills you would not even need a 2nd computer, you could just configure the web browser to use a VPN or proxy.

If you are plagued by stream snipers I see only two viable solutions for this:

  1. Add a considerable delay on the stream
  2. Dont stream

I’m still having trouble with the basic premise that people would rather sit and watch YOU playing Rust, rather than play Rust themselves? :goodjob:

this pretty much covers it, but i think it deserves a repost for brevity.

Simple Record instead of Stream start a youtube channel or put your vids in Twitch i personally only stream when i dont think about building a base and such

Not to sound like a dick but couldn’t you say that about any sport or activity that is recorded?