Stream Textures?

I want to place “Advertisements” into a map.
What’s the best way todo this? I could make an “env_sprite” at runtime. But the client may not have the texture locally.
I never messed with drawing 2D VGUI menus in 3D. (Start/End3D2D?) But I’m thinking the only way is to draw a VGUI HTML menu in 3D space to grab a webpage (IE: an image) and display it?

I don’t have any code to show you how to do it, but I can explain how you would: Firstly you would create a HTML derma panel and set it to the address of your image (online ). You would get get the material of this ( Yes, there is a function for this, it returns a texture of the webpage ). You would then do a 3D2D in your advertisement’s point entity’s draw function, and draw that texture as you would a texture on a HUD. You can now delete the HTML panel, and you are left with a 3D2D advert.

Seems the HTMLGetTexture() is broken at the moment. But that did work, thanks!