Streamer in need of KEY!

Hi there! I am a streamer and I was wondering if there was anyway I could get a key to stream RUST! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread/didn't read the sticky" - postal))

READ THE STICKY pls thanks you

He’s only giving them to popular streamers


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there are people with maybe 250K views that have them.

They must have got them some other way then.

Shit on his dreams why don’t you, shove that in his face haha

I think Craptasket opened up the flood gates with the offer to give popular streamers/YouTubers an opportunity for a key.

thats because some of the popular streamers got codes for their friends.

My name is Fabio, and iam a Youtuber , im partner of Youtube and RPM, i work for Youtube since 2011 , and im very bad at draw things , so im here for make a suggestion , i knew about the game , from a Streammer on Twitch, so i have some subs ( like 3000 peoples) who loves this kind of game , and im very interested to publish this game , for make he more popular ,
if you ( DEVs and Moderators) give me one chance , i can help you guys with the publish of the game .

Thanks a lot , and good lucky with your new GAME!!

Bye bye

My channel:
From: Brazil
Languages that i talk: Portuguese and English ( not too much , but good) xD
Totaly Views: 665.124 views

Maybe you should send a message to the mods instead of posting on someone else’s topic of THEM asking for a key. Jesus, Do you guys even read?

Why can’t people just sit back and stop begging for keys, I mean this is why we can’t have nice things!

maybe having a key could help me grow my channel? Think of it that way! then I could be Popular!

Dr. Mengele will see you now.


lol all these desperate people. you are all scum and dont deserve a key.

A Game does not grow a channel. The quality of the commentator and the quality of the content does.

Ik, But everyone has that one game that has made them huge.

The game was just the medium. The reason they became popular was because they were entertaining an had quality content.

I’ve done a Let’s Play for a popular title before.

I sucked at making Let’s Plays and it didn’t take off. It’s not the game that matters, it’s you. See: Brutalmoose