Streaming In-Game logs to a website

Hey I was just wondering if its possible to stream logs in game to a website.

Do you mean so you can watch the server chatlogs from a website?

I believe Cyberuben was working on SourceChatJS, which is “A simple way to show in-game chat on your website”. It’s not finished yet however, so you will either have to wait or come up with your own implementation using logaddress_add. It’s protocol is documented here. If you are looking for an existing addon, it doesn’t look like there is one available.

Yes Blayzd and I will try that Jackwilsdon

It’s actually super simple, here’s a hint:

Or you can just use MySQL but I prefer the method that doesn’t require any modules :d

Coders block and other stuff made me not able to finish it yet. Continued it a few days back again.

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