Streaming Now!

Feel free to check the game out and ask questions!

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, missed the streaming thread" - postal))

I checked it out and you’re not even streaming Rust. It’s Slender garbage.

I’ll stream some Rust later on, JUST for you Corey! :wink:

Don’t bother. I wouldn’t watch it. I was just checking to see if the OP was even streaming anything relevant or just spamming the forum with his Twitch.

tell u what if u do decide to stream let me know and ill watch it lol

Soon as I rate your post I get this:

I must respect the commands, even though I had some things I wanted to post about you.

Slender is a cool mode

met cool people who where actually hel

im done with the drama i met cool people who where actually very helpful sorry i am new to this and was just looking for a little help. but ill be the bigger person and apologies so i am sorry

I was playing rust I moved to slender