Streaming Rust for guys with no keys.


We are streaming Rust on now
If you don`t have a key come!

lol talk about rub it in, you know we can watch on youtube much better videos.

Well yee if you want just go ahead and watch them i am just saying we streaming. :slight_smile:

Heey Ace ^^ was fun playing with you all, I’ll be back tomorrow (if i manage to sober up)

Edit: Fun to see you look on the forum and comment on this.

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If you want more viewers I’d advise to speak more english. More people understand that.

Wow finally, I could register an account, don’t need an invitation code.
Really nice day with you two guys, my name is Kelzano, and I approve this streaming :v:.

yeah , nice idea, i want watch some stream from this game

I’m coming to watch you now :slight_smile:

Haven’t most people covered what the alpha is all about? Oh well, I guess it’s interesting to watch a non-finished game.

Well the stream is finished now but you can watch the highlights of things that happened like 1 hour ago. We`ll be back soon.

Do you have spare beta keys?

(User was banned for this post ("stop begging for keys already" - postal))

Can you tell me, How you guys have built all so quickly? In this game crafting is hard or easy?

As long as you have wood it’s really easy to build up a base.

You want to find a lot of woodpiles or you’re gonna be standing next to a tree for half an hour to get enough wood for your house.

We are streaming Again come :slight_smile:

So crafting is easy or hard? I heard that you need to find some books (or something) to learn craft items.

Its pretty easy if you have 3 ppl. So guys stream is over for today, thanks for watching everybody, today weve managed to hit 600 viewers and 6 subscribers, thanks for that ya all! We will be doing another one tommorow i will notify you all in this topic. Plans for tommorow are Rust, DayZ, and something else if we manage to.

Thanks guys, see you tommorow!
Remember games are all about having FUN!