Streaming some rust

I have been streaming rust for couple days now, you can check it out

check it out while your waiting for your key :stuck_out_tongue: Streaming just for my own fun not for any vantage.
If your playing rust as well and would like to join with me, let me know :slight_smile:

Lol that guy almost owned you :smiley:

nice stream

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Thanks man, i appreciate that =)

good stream!

Couldn’t believe that anyone would watch my stream that much! There were guys who was watching and chatting for over 5 hours!


Stream is up!

Yeah I watched this yesterday. This steam was simple and served the purpose of itself and provided entertainment for some hours.

Good job mate :slight_smile:

Just got owned by the pistol lol

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This game looks 100 times better on the livestream compared to videos on youtube. Just because its over 30fps :smiley: Good stream btw

Had some intense fighting going on with Summ1t’s team, you can review our side from,
damn this was pretty fun, looking for some mature players to help us out and to team up for further raids. :slight_smile:

I guess i can bump once last message is couple days old?
Still streaming time to time :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh, that, ‘how to fold a bandana’ lady is scary D:

mmodeviant <- here