Streaming songs from a website to the client on the client's request

Hey, I was wondering if it was possible for a client to maybe “use” a radio entity i’d make, and a menu pops up showing all the .mp3 files in a directory on my website, then he can choose one to be played to everyone in a small radius around the radio?

Is this possible? And how =S


Are you talking about this:

how do I use it?

I’ve never used modules before =S

You be go by using an embedded flash player with a invisible html panel, not everyone has gm_bass installed, or atleast, use it as a fallback.

what do you mean? does the client need gm_bass installed for this to work?

What he’s saying is, you should use gm_bass ( for which I will provide an example soon ), but check if the player has it first of all. If they don’t have it, you create a HTML derma panel, set it so it doesn’t draw, and load the song in a flash object

Oh I see, how exactly would you check that? And is it possible to get the player to download it?

No, but you can tell them to download it if you don’t find it.


k, I decided I don’t want gm_bass at all, how do I stream an mp3 file from my website???

Create a HTML panel that can’ seen.

I want to make a radio entity that when someone “uses” the menu comes up and they can input a web link to an mp3 file, once they do the radio entity outputs a sound in the 3d world

Rig up wolf dj

Go read up some guides on how you play songs using HTML/Javascript, make the song name link to, for example “”, where that song is played, make the panel invisible, voila’.

Except I dont really wan’t a panel because I want the entity to play the stream

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I tried downloading wolfdj but all the links are broken…

Just a question for my own benefit going along on the same subject:
In the html panel can you set an option for the volume output? If so you could just use some maths to calculate the sound volume as if it is in a 3d space.