Streamline-Servers |[AU]|Oxide|SLPs|.25 Craft|AirDorp|DoorShare

New Server from Streamline Servers based in AUS! High Priority.

Join and get setup. type /kit for starter items! Everyone welcome.


-Door Share
-Random airdrops
-quartercrafting time
-C4 limited in crafting and rare in airdrops.
-Chat Hisrory
-Remove incorrectly placed structures by typing /remove and shooting or hitting structure.
-Starter Kits
-Quests --/quest list – to see the quest list. /quest join “name” – to activate the quest
-Backed up regularly

  1. Press F1 to bring up console
  2. type this: net.connect

RustOxide API

Running RustOxide which is a developer API, it allows for infinite possibilities to make modifications to the rust server, There are always new things being developed.

PvP/Sleeper/25% Craft/AirDrops

Crafting is 75% faster, Random airdrops occur.


Join many quests and complete objectives to earn additional rewards.


There is a working economy, Buy/Sell items, Display your balance, send money to others!

Starting Kits

Use /kit starter to receive some items when you respawn to help you get started.

Share Doors

Share doors with your friends to give them access to your fortresses and shelters.

Increased Drop Rates

There are increased drop rates for certain items in the game to allow players to get started faster.

/quest list --to see quests
/quest join “name” – to activate quest
Make sure you have an empty slot when quest is almost complete. Item is added automatically. M4 and supply signal are some of the rewards.

/kit – Displays the available kits
/kit starter – Redeems the starter kit.

[Share Doors]
/share [playername] – Shares your doors with player.

/money – Displays your balance
/money [player] [amount] – Sends money to play.

[Chat History]
/history – Displays last 20 messages in chat.

[Remove Structure]
/remove – Activate and shoot any structure you have placed to remove that piece.

/help – to see some of the commands

Created this server to avoid always being wiped on other servers.

Still adding and taking opinions.

**Thank you! & Join Now!!! **

Let me know what you think (about this server). Had to add the last modifier; never know what you might get as a reply. :suicide:

Add /kit , /remove , along with a chat /history

I hope to be adding more soon. :dance:

Server has been updated to newest update.

Functionality has returned. Oxide once again working.

[editline]25th January 2014[/editline]

Added Quests and basic economy.

Getting a nice community of friendly players. Lets keep it up. :smile: