Streamline-Servers | Rust PVP Panik Server

Welcome to Rust PVP Panik Server

About The Server:

The server has only recently been established and is wanting a growth in the population. The server provides starter kits, which allow people to get a boost into the game. Special occasions are a cause for mass airdrops. The admins of the server will not tolerate unlawful or disrespectful behavior. Come join Rust PVP Panik Server while you can!


  • PVP Enabled
  • Sleepers Enabled
  • Door Sharing
  • 150 server slots
  • Airdrops
  • Leather Loader
  • Rust++
  • Fall Damage Disabled


  1. No Disrespectful or Unlawful behavior
  2. No Cheating
  3. No Hacking
  4. No Spamming
  5. No Cyber Bullying

Joining The Server:

Step 1: Press the F1 key to open the console
Step 2: Copy and Paste “net.connect” into the console
Step 3: Press Enter and you will begin to connect to the server