Street Fighter 4 again

Since the previous iteration of this request is dead, and since SF4 will very soon be available for PC, I’m restarting the thread.

A few members of Facepunch, including myself, are keen on obtaining models from SF4.

Personally, I’m interested in getting Cammy’s model…

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Cammy, Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Bison, they’d be awesome. Hell, all of the characters would be.

would be awsome with all characters

Speaking of which, the PC Benchmark utility is out. It basically runs a few demos to see how well the PC version will run on your computer. Word on the street is almost all of the in-game content is hidden within this program, if you can manage to get it out :wink:

GOD YES. I want these models SO bad.

I can not have a gmod Street Fighter fight without more two characters, and knowing the internet, chun li is going to be next on the list… hopefully. Also lets get some Akuma and Ryu, and not to push it but lets get some hadokens.

What’s this?

chunli is already on gmod
here is the link to the model

Dude, this is an old thread. This was before Cammy got released. I already got it and am enjoying it.

That’s not from SF4.

yeah thats for CSS, i already tried it out.

Akuma and Gouken. Do want…

I have no idea why I’m facinated by muscular old men :[

well atleast someone posted here in stead of a new street fighter thread.

Dude… They’re BADASS Muscular old men… Get it straight…

SF4 Assets Explorer v0.33

Why hasn’t this been done yet?
We need us some Ryu and Ken ragdolls.

I Request A Ryu SF4 Model I Want Ryu In My Gmod

Is it really that fucking funny to bump old threads.

Look…at…the…dates…2009… DO NOT BUMP OLD THREADS

Don’t bump old threads, dude.