Street Fighter 4 is out-Can we get some models PLZ?

Street Fighter 4 is now out for the PC. And, there’s apperentley a glitch someone discovered that makes the characters go into a T-pose, which should be very handy for ripping them.

Personally, I reeeeeally would go for a Cammy Model.

yeah… its out and it rocks, so… anyone interested?

I mean…

the models DO Rock…

i personally wouldn’t mind Sakura, El Fuerte or Zanguief… or Sagat to make nice poses

Ryu and Ken or no deal.

Bump, for gods sake rip every char please

This would be awesome if someone could do it.

Mariokart64n did one or two but doesn’t want them on Facepunch, so tough luck.

what, no O_o

I gots the models, but I’m done touching gmod. i occasionally help people with compiler problems… but that’s about it

oh god PLEASE mariokart PLEASE!!!

PLEASE I’ve been waiting for the PC release for so long just so someone in the community could rip the models for gmod!!! don’t do this to us!! I’m begging you let us use the models in gmod!!

Yeah Source’s a bitch innit. I’ve moved away from it long time ago to engines like UE3 and Unity3D.

I think that he should not do it, for the luls.

He said he doesn’t want to, so don’t bug him about it.

That said, i do hope someone picks up this project soon.

unreal tournament disabled normal maps during game play, which was annoying. I had to change the UV’s for each mod, they had this almost hardcoded map optimization. where parts of the map or texture grid would disable and turn black. so I had to keep mindful of UVs.

UE3 is nice, but UT3 really sucked for modding. and there just arn’t any games out on UE3 worth modding. alot of them don’t include the editor. you have to hack the editor in ~_~

…unity I’ve been hearing alot about lately, but I’m surprised the crisis engine is left in the dust. :open_mouth:

@the street fighter fans
>I’ve given out 3 models. ChunLi, Cammy, and Sakarua to various modders here at facepunch.
MrWhiteFolk has also pitched the idea of commissioning me to port whatever SF4 models he wants.

…so sit tight, if S-Low doesn’t get the job done, other will.

Can you share that models with us?

Uhh no it doesn’t. At least not when I was modding it a few months back.

And Unity’s great, everything so easy in it. It’s not as pretty as UT3 obviously and you have to make your own fancy shaders and other stuff from scratch but it’s very flexible.

Do you know if the CryEngine is a pain to mod or something because I was told that when I was thinking of getting into it. Not sure if it’s true though. I’d love the CryEngine’s singleplayer campaign capabilities which is the major thing UT3 lacks in my opinion.

I’m considering ripping these myself, I just need to find out how to do the T-pose glitch…

well normal maps would work on stages and the customize screen. but otherwise, when I started a game my character’s normal maps disappeared. but I never reconfirmed the problem, so you your probably right. which forum do you goto for UT3 mods by the way?

I thought the potential for that game was huge, being you can compile the characters as addons for the PS3. just pop in a usb pen install, and play! :slight_smile:

game assassin was unable to capture the physics. a few people have tried to knock out the physics with out any success. though the files were decompressed, so in time someone will probably make a model extractor. for the time being though we did null out the skeleton in the game files, then used 3dripperdx.

I don’t browse any UT3 sites, sorry. It was mostly trial and error (and 3dBuzz’s videos) for our 3 week mod project. :stuck_out_tongue:
UT3 does have some strange bugs like your normal maps, it was dynamic lights for us. They wouldn’t cast shadow on another object no matter what we tried. It was a key element in our mod that we had to abandon and a week was laid to waste because of that struggle.

I’m thinking of taking a look at the CryEngine and how easy it is to mod to. Know any useful links?

Do you rip using Windows XP? I’m on 7 and completely stuck these days, any idea how to fix?

Cryengine is easy to mod and is quite flexible, I had worked on it, but as you saw in my digital art thread, I can’t uninstall cry tools from my max anymore. These settings are stored god knows where.

I’ll wait however long it takes!