Street Fighter 4 Ragdolls (unless it's already been done)

I would like to request Street fighter 4 Ragdolls, I only need these 16 (i never played sf4 so i don’t know if they are all in the roster or not)
Ryu - Ken - Chun Li - Guile - E. Honda - Dhalsim - Blanka - Zangief
Vega - M. Bison - Balrog - Sagat - Cammy - Feilong - Deejay - T. Hawk

I know Roland ported Chun-li recently but I can’t find a link for that one.

He port Chun-Li, but it doesn´t have face posing, only eye and finger posing. Chunli, Cammy, Zangief and M. Bison have been already ported to Gmod. The rest, you should post links for the textures and maybe someone can make it

What? That doesnt make sense.

he ported chun li? did he get rid of it or did that link just go MIA