Street Fighter Ragdolls/Playermodels

Hi, people have converted as far as i know Chun-Li and Cammy. But, i would also like some other characters turned into ragdolls/playermodels. To start off, i would love to play as Seth! Not sure if this is the proper place for this kind of stuff, but i’m just taking a shot.

Here’s where you can find the models at :

If anyone would like me to, i have SFXT/SFIVAE/Asura’s Wrath ISO ( the DLC for AW has Ryu/Eryu/Akuma/Oni ) so i can export the textures and models. However though, the textures in SFXTK are customizable ingame, so the colors are strange in a viewer.

I’m not begging for this stuff, so i’ll wait as long as i need to. I’m just putting this all out incase someone wants to do it.

And also i would prefer it simply rigged as a ragdoll. Nothing TOO advanced for ragdoll posing and stuff. If the admins don’t like this thread, delete it but don’t ban me. Or ban me if you are super mad.

Other than street fighter ragdolls/pmodels, i would like the Poison Zombie as a Player model, with headcrab bodygroups.