Street Fighter V: Model Extravaganza Thread

Well I have the files for a pretty complete build of the beta, not the open one that was done a few weeks back. I wanna get the models out of this game because there is most likely the new good models, and who doesn’t want to use those?

If anyone wants to work on this tell me and I’ll upload the files.

what type of files are they?

good that ur up for this. i was gonna buy it for this exact reason lol

It’s Unreal Engine 4 powered, though I can’t seem to find a working extractor, but that might just be me.

Anyhoo, mind if I can get the models for Cammy, R. Mika, and Karin? I call dibs on the latter two, but I would like Cammy’s model to give to a friend of mine.

umodel can’t open it but it’s one StreetFighterVBeta-WindowsNoEditor.pak

unreal 4 huh? Best bet to post it at for gildor to create uModel support.

uModel complains about it being encrypted.
I tried this Unreal4 pak-file unpacker as well but it just crashes.

I was able to use Ninja Ripper, which gives me a bunch of stuff including normals but the models are all scrambled up when I import to 3ds max, which is probably my fault somehow :s:

here’s what gildor gives me:

>*** ERROR: Wrong tag in package: 00000000

I meant post something on his forum and ask him if he could look into adding uModel support for the game.

just did that! with hope he’ll add support for the game :buckteeth:

Any word on being able to get into SFV’s archive yet? I know this guy on Twitter was sorta successful at dumping the archive

Hopefully, the Unreal Engine 4 extractors will be updated in due time to work with the encryption in this game.

Complete rip of the models. Comes with all materials and textures. You will have to apply materials yourself though.

Where are the .uasset files?
I removed them because they were useless, since there are files that the models need that weren’t in them. If you want .uasset files you need to have the game.

I downloaded the models before, should I download them again?
Yes! A lot of materials that weren’t in last time are in now, like materials for character’s bracelets, teeth, eyelashes and eyebrows. Nothing is left out this time.

What format are the models?

Why are the costumes colorless?
It seems Capcom changes the materials tints in-game for easier palette swaps. If you want to color the models my advice would be not to color the textures, but to simply change the materials tints.

How do I rip the models myself?
Step 1: Download the game.
Step 2: Download QuickBMS by Luigi Auriemma
Step 3: Use this QuickBMS script to extract the .pak file that comes with the game.
Step 4: Use Gildor’s Umodel with Unreal Engine set to version 4.7 to extract models, materials and textures from the .uasset files.
Step 5: Open them in 3ds max and run the PSK importer script that comes with Umodel.
Step 6: Have fun :buckteeth:

Question: How are you going about opening the .uasset files in UE Viewer? I try to view a file, but the thing crashes. Do I need to download an updated version to use?

When you open Umodel you need to check “Override game detection” and choose a version. I found the models only work with versions 4.6 and 4.7 (I think it worked with 4.5 too, but I don’t remember).

The models will look messed up in the viewer, but will export fine :slight_smile:

Also, they’re textured from what I gather but the costumes don’t have color, so I assume they’re set in-game through code for easier management of palette swaps. I could be wrong since I have no clue what the fuck I’m doing though…

how did you get the .uasset files?

Use UnrealPak that comes with Unreal Engine to extract form the .pak that comes with the game. If you don’t want to install the engine just for that you can download this UnrealPak compiled by reddit user /u/Altimor:!Sd9DVDja!I3sdxg4VGWg3k3qryghPTtnkj5Z3UjRKeZKoo-sr3S4

The process is:

  1. Use UnrealPak to extract the pak file;
  2. Open Gildor’s Unreal Engine model viewer;
  3. Select “Override game detection” and set version to 4.5, 4.6 or 4.7
  4. Open models and export them

is karin in the beta?


think you could upload her for me?

with her textures

The files I uploaded are with textures, it’s just they set the tint in-game through code.

I don’t have Karin in the beta version I have, sorry :frowning:
I’ll upload her as soon as I do though.

the textures are stored in the FBXs?

to be honest its easier to work with when the textures arent stored in the FBX

Just regular .fbx with textures on the outside, or would .obj be better?