Street Fighter

A street fight in HL2RP with some editing. 8mins 27

The story to the fight in is the video description.

Is it just me or do long youtube videos go out of sync toward the end?

Was a good idea but it’s way too drawn out, what made you think that this needed to be 8:00 minutes? Usually a fight in these kinds of games takes 30-40 seconds. What person in their right mind would sit here watching this for that long? Could you have least kept it in classic side-scroller formation?

The longer I watch this the more I wonder why you even posted this. This isn’t even a movie, there isn’t any story-jeese, what’s the point of this?! Why, Hudson?! WHY!?

Your moving around way to much, I can see that it was needed at some points when they were moving away.

The comical value of the video is the lenght itself, it shoulden’t have taken either one of them so long to finish it, it was funny to me watching them go at it.

The story to the fight is in the video description, I didn’t want to add it to the video because I felt it would have been too much to read.

If it wasn’t funny to you, I don’t think you were part of my target audience Kurit, thanks for your feedback.

Lexico yeah I’m abit of a spaz when I move around, shame I was the camera. It wasn’t easy though as the fight moved around alot.