Street firefight s&box concept

upon hearing the news regarding s&box early access, i made this small deathmatch map exclusively for s&box under a 4 1/2 hour period. i am aware of visual errors on backdrop assets.

you can download this map and view for yourself by subscribing to the addon here: Steam Workshop::Street Firefight

please note you will need Half Life Alyx in your Steam Library for this addon to work.

this is a proof-of-concept, no enemies are present. (subject to change)

hope you enjoy!

all feedback, comments, etc are greatly appreciated!

edit: large file size due to other projects on same add-on folder


It’s very impressive and high quality work, nice job! The only real feedback I have is that I love the rubble and grimy look that the third, fourth, and last image shown but some of the other ones feel a little too clean and sterile.

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Чувак это нереально красиво, качественно, я нереально обожаю карты такой стилистики, ты создал шедевр который должны поиграть абсолютно все

new update, please refer to this entry: [update] street firefight concept

thank you!