Street racing gamemode

Okay, i want to point out an idea. We all know Gmod racer, why not

  • Use evocity2 and make the gamemode randomly choose the roads that will be used in the race or just make some pre made tracks choosen randomly.

  • Use good models and generally modificate the gamemode to have not just upgrades, but new cars and some more customization, some more balance.

  • Make players divided by car/level and only place people with similar car/level in one race for balance?

Not going to be easy i suppose, just an idea.

Sakarias88 makes the best scripted cars I have ever seen.

My advice is to bug him until he gives permission for coders to make gamemodes out of his work. That would make things somewhat easy.

I couldn’t think of a worse engine for a racing game, but if it happens, the vehicles should be entirely Lua SENT based because Source vehicles are pretty much unusable imo.

And Sakarias is making vehicle weapons for garrysmod too.

E: Oh its not car combat xSS. Anyway i like the idea. Garry’s mod do not have good racing gamemodes.

there is a server that does a racing gamemode. here is the IP you can get onto it pretty easily i think.

IT’s been done unless you make it like burnout or something. Add shooting from cars, explosions and nt evocity roads not wide enough too many buildings.