Street Sign Texture Pack

:siren:Current Version 1.3:siren:

:siren::siren:All signs have been remade!:siren::siren:

Credits to Phone-Booth for reupload.
You must put this in <game>/materials/park/

V1.1: Added Stop Sign

V1.2: Added ‘no minges’ signs

V1.3: Remade all signs, and added European versions.

Looks very useful. Also I laughed at the no peeing sign.

Lol, one of the results thanks to google.

You should make a no not peeing allowed sign. Or possible just a simple, please pee sign. The pee sign without the red line across. As mentioned before, awesome pack.

Yeah Thanks Nater! woot! Dam, not ‘woot!’ around here?

O.M.G. / thread, ‘Where is your pet store young man?’

Don’t tell me.:frowning:


Uh Can I put A request in? How about a ‘Stop sign’ in thurr.
Not that anyone would obey it.

Oh, duh, no idea how I missed a stop sign. I’ll add one now.


Alrighty, updated.

You didn’t tell me your old pet store was there. Yes!
Is it ready?


What the …hill…

you sir, are mentally insane.

on subject, this is an incredibly useful pack! (especialy the no peeing sign, i always hate people peeing on my maps!)

I have made European style street sign textures.


Also you don’t have road numbers signs…

What makes it worse is those signs actually exist.

Well, if you wanted them, and can find some good pictures of them, I could convert them to textures quick.

Like these I think (At least in Denmark)

Oh, are those speed limit signs? I only added American ones, I’ll add ones with KM later tonight.

Yeah, well they don’t really say km in the signs, only the black number, white background and red outside. and it’s a circle.

Thank you. I resemble that remark. :smiley: I bumped my head to much.
Well I’m not the other kind of artist.

This pack looks good, but you used the wrong font on the Signs, and Speed limit signs are in all caps.

So, here’s the correct fonts you need, Series F is the one for speed limits.

And before you ask, Series A isn’t used anymore, so that’s why you can’t find the download link.

Thanks, hopefully I have some time here…

I’m here to help.

And by the way, how do you not know what a KM sign looks like?

Signs are different in the US I guess.

I’m confused, “signs are different in the US”, do you mean that you don’t live in the U.S. or do you mean signs are different outside the US?

Anyway, the European signs usually are circles with a thick red boarder, and and most have a white backround. :eng101:

… and are made with win sometimes :v: