Street Signs Question


I just were about to play with skins and stuff to make own street signs to my RP server.

But when I opened the props_17/streetsigns_composite.vft material just to edit/check.
I found it was like even more textures inside there. Like more signs that I havent found at all in the game.

In Garrysmod you only find the models for the red/orange 20 sign, the blue 30 sign. And the not crossed bus sign.

Do anyone know how to make those other show? (Tried skin changer tool, that didnt change to any of it)

Do I need to make own models for those textures? (If yes: How?)
Or is it somehow to spawn one of these and change the texture, or maybe it’s a model for some of these, but hidden somewhere?

Since the textures exist for different signs, I think those signs has to be used somewhere?

Thank you for helping!

Finding that out sure would be mighty useful. :slight_smile:

Humm these are interesting, I know how to get the other textures without even editing the VTF or UV map ^^

How would they be best? alternate skins on the models or separate models? (as I cant find anywhere they’ve been used in the files, though it is possible they are used with a script somewhere in the maps).

Edit: Heh, the model name end like 1c refers to it’s y/x position on the texture :stuck_out_tongue:


There we go ^^

The triangle one only had one skin missing so it’s its own model. The circular one is 1 model with 17 skins for every circular sign on the two textures. Not sure what can be done about the stop sign as there isn’t a model that is the shape of it.

Edit: Right how I made these.

I decompiled one of the sign models (streetsign001c.mdl to be exact) and imported it into Milkshape. I regrouped the back and sides of the sign so they are separate from the front so when I do the next thing the back wont go wrong and applied a texture called “streetsigns_face1” to the front group. Then I exported this edited version of the model as an SMD. I then squentually added this code to the model’s QC to recompile it with:

$texturegroup skinfamilies
	{ "streetsigns_face1" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face2" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face3" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face4" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face5" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face6" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face7" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face8" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face9" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face10" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face11" , "streetsigns_composite01" }
	{ "streetsigns_face12" , "streetsigns_back2" }
	{ "streetsigns_face13" , "streetsigns_back2" }
	{ "streetsigns_face14" , "streetsigns_back2" }
	{ "streetsigns_face15" , "streetsigns_back2" }
	{ "streetsigns_face16" , "streetsigns_back2" }
	{ "streetsigns_face17" , "streetsigns_back2" }

Thats the QC code for all 17 skins. In each VMT (going from streetsigns_face2 to streetsigns_face17 I implemented this code i’ve being using for the eyes/mouths on the Pokemon models:

	$basetexturetransform "center .5 .5 scale 1 1 rotate 0 translate 0 0"

While testing in model viewer to get the translation correct for each sign.

Hope that helps you with making your own signs ^^ and I will post these up for download if you want me to.

Wow! I prefer alternative skins, it would be less download.

It would be cool if you could set them for download yeah!

Thanks alot!


Nope the signs you do not recognize were cut from Half Life 2.
For example the Bus Sign was when there were still buses in the early stages of development of Half Life 2. You can still get the bus model they were going to use here
Also Pretty useful SilverSpirit.

Thanks ^^

Now this is making sense! I guess you are right.