Street Soldier

Nice work, man.

Something about

seems odd, but the rest is good. Nice.

You could cut off like 30% of the top part of the image and it would look better i think.

Legs are oddities aren’t they. If only we understood them easier.
im not trying to start shit but do you always have something to say about peoples work.

his legs slightly bent from the knee?

And how exactly is this a bad thing?
The creator can choose to ignore it or maybe fix it up in an image editing software next time. I don’t mind I like the picture.

Complaining about critism doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense though. Prototype doesn’t really come off as Torchwood to me. Has no idea what he is talking about most of the time but he atleast tries to help.

I said something seems odd. It’s probably the model, but the knee seems really bulgy compared to the rest. To me, it seems odd.

A big player of improving is listening to criticism, some is good, some doesn’t make sense, and some is bad. But it’s still needed. I was told how crappy I was and what to improve on, and I worked on trying to fix the said aspect of my last one, and make sure they weren’t in my new one. I mean Even Jimmys came to me asking for help on poses and editing stuff a little bit ago.

I’m sorry if I really do have “no idea what I’m talking about”, but if something stands out to me, I mention it. It’s not like I’m forcing anyone to change anything, and they can easily brush past it. All I’m trying to do is help, much like I did for you, Roblix, and a lot of new posters in the Want to post a picture thread.

People don’t like to hear criticism, even more so after they work on something they think is great. I remember a few of my pictures I sent to Joazzz that I thought were pretty great, and then he ripped them apart Gordan Ramsay style and made me really look at them and fix what I had, or trash it.

Can you all please take your long winded speeches elsewhere, this threads about my picture, not how to or how not to handle criticism, critique towards the actual picture itself is heart-fully welcomed.

I do agree that the legs could have used a different pose.
Personally I don’t see that as a comfortable rest.
Prolly would have had him crossing legs so his support points are one foot and the car.

Other than that and that I would have rotated the cup rotated so we only saw the full round side of it (I don’t know about you but I don’t crush my cups like that when I have 'em), it’s a solid shot. Well done.