Streetfighter IV ZANGIEF

here is Zangief i dunno how to put finger posing but his fingers are already rigged. constrants is kinda tight and need to be changed up sence he’s a little stiff. i might do others but im working on another project im thinking of doing fei long rose and guile. if someone wants to help me improve this guy and work with the others i could expand and work on the rest of the characters, so by all means help is welcumed. sence im runnin on Ep1 im kinda limited to some other cummands like $jigglebone “for the secret bone” which would “complete” him. but anyways here :smiley:

Fix his chest hair so it’s not so jagged and smelly looking.


also this goes in the releases section, sir.

i used $alphatest and its a work in progress with a few others just wanted others to check him out

…sir lol :stuck_out_tongue:

probably just his graphics but the model is pretty bad
theres no phong or shading what so ever

Is that a bush on his chestt? Like a bush from the forest?

again $alphatest reduces quality and this is with $translucent

Uploaded with

but the hair and the body use the same texture so…

if there was a command that could get the job done like $alphatest and look as good as $translucent then do tell

didn want this in the release section probably shouldnt have put a download in its still a wip :confused:

you are doing great with the model dude
a face, finger and a eye posing and im sure will get this model in the front page

All I can think of is this. Modify Zangief’s model so that the chest hair reads from a separate texture. You don’t necessarily have to copy the VTF, but just make it read from something like “Zangief_Head2.vtf” then make the corresponding VMT link to the original texture, but with “$translucent” “1” as well.

lol thx i got fingerposing now tho everything is kinda inverted :confused:
i dunno if i can use bones to make a face flex vta and for eye posing i got the command but its asking for eye texture right eye “blahblah”

aye thats a good idea and b4 conversion its suppose to be 25 meshes 7 for the hair but the model was already a smd atleast the model with the bone if there was a way to unmerge the smd then i could pull it off tho when i import a smd to ms3d and export it to a fbx they become seperate unfortinatly u lose some of the weights which is a frequent problem for me in that program :<

here is zangief 1.1 fingerposing arms go up more so a bit more flexible and got rid of the alphatest thing so he doesnt look to crappy till i sort the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for this. We really do need more Street Fighter models for gmod.
Great progress dude can’t wait for the face and eye posing
im feeling some front page ready for you in :smiley:

Sorry for bumping. But i just want to know where you got that chick in you’re pictures.

It’s really easy to find if you search around here,, or you could probably even do a google search of Cammy Gmod and find it.

Well since he said “chick”, he probably didn’t know who she was.

woah how did i miss the…ummm what is it looks like a White Mr.T on steroids

Mayhap you know her name?

Sorry, didn’t see that Drainwater mentioned her name. I found her at Thanks.

You ripped from SSFIV?

Would it be so much to ask for the animal models from the Africa stage?

Oh…well I’m sorry if I came off as kind of a dick then. I thought you were asking to be lazy, not because you didn’t know the name of the model.

Hope roland updates zangief now that he learned how to facepose and eyepose

zangief got tired of that guy saying HAAAAX and he gave him what he deserved :dance: