Streets of Fire


didn’t kinda turn out the way i intented. oh well

compare here

the shadows casted onto the soldier in front looks kinda grainy

das p great lookin, great work joazzz

only real issue with this pic is the entire grainy shadows thing

Champion artwork homie.

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Is that a Helghast assault rifle?

Truely awesome but them jagged edges! Try using the smudge tool along the lines with an intensity of about 7% and maybe upscale it to 120%.

Sweet. Especially now, when I’m making my second playthrough of the Human Revolution.

the fire looks overly cartoony IMO

Download link for Sta-52 please?

Shit Joazzz, this is fucking awesome.

Edges do need to be smoothed a bit, but otherwise another solid pic.


Bit of edge smoothing and working out the graininess on shadows would make this even more awesome.

Have I mentioned that I love you, Joazzz?

i suppose it is

i’ll put it in a pack with a few of my other gun ports/hacks soon

thanks, i’ll try that

Thanks you, I’ll wait for it.