Streets of Hong Cong

Tried drawing hair. With a mouse it’s a bit hard, but practice makes perfect.

Bonus from the same night:

Okay. Correction. With a mouse it’s IMPOSSIBLE to draw hair.

I like it but do you upload in .jpeg? If so, go for .png :slight_smile:

i don’t know why but the edited-in hair makes them look really really creepy. it actually seems like it would be a pretty cool technique for making creepy replicant-style robots in a comic or something imho, they just look way less human and normal than everyone else in the pose

It’s ‘Hong Kong’

Cool pic tho

Practice, practice, practice…
I’m looking at different tutorials for drawing hair in ps. God how much easier it is on paper or with a tablet )).

Daww shit. My bad, thanks for pointing it out.

Male_04 with hair, that looks so weird.

Really though this is great, nice work.

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Sorry but the worst part of the picture is the two you tried drawing hair on, it isn’t bad it just looks off compared to the rest of the picture.

It seems like hes going to kill your family,That is the creepiest face posing I’ve ever seen,Other than that. Good job.

I swear I’ve seen this before, I’ve seen a lot of Chinese type street scenes like this.

-snip late-