Streets of Los Angeles at night, 1984 - scenebuild

With a terminatory twist. I got this idea after watching the intro scenes from T1. For some reason I found the filthy, dark, wet, night-time downtown L.A. shot through a blue colour filter somehow fascinating. Of course I wanted to recreate that scenery and environment as a scenebuild.

I would have used some L4D ‘Street’ models if I had had them, but for some reason I lost most of the L4D stuff a while ago. Had to use CSS and HL2 models instead. The other problem was with the cop car, as I didn’t have any 80’s police car models, Dodge Diplomats to be specific, and the L4D police cars I had were way too modern. The solution: took one of the L4D cars, put cop car lights on it and edited it a bit.

TL;DR: I got inspired by a movie.

The whole thing is a scenebuild. The whole thing. All of it. Always and forever.

If someone wonders, the lightning on the left is from an off-screen Time Displacement Portal (The weird thing guys from the future arrive in). The cartoony look was intended, as almost all 80’s lightning effects looked like that. The reflections are a bit off, but it’s too late to do anything about that.

Original here.

Your turn.

I like the cool lens flare from the police car although I’m not sure it’s a little out of perspective.

Nice scenebuild as usual. The ridiculous blue tint is so reminiscent of the era.

There be no lens flares in this pic.

Oh. What are those glowing blotches coming down the road horizontal to the car’s headlights?

They’re meant to be reflections from the light poles :saddowns:

Hm. I think they’re a little small and concentrated seeing as street lights are really tall and have a very wide arc of light.

You could have told us that it was just lens flare and we would have all lived happily ever after :slight_smile:

I’m glad you stuck with the ‘cartoony effect’ that all 80’s movies had. Frankly, I would love to see a screenie for “Highlander”

This is artistic.

cool picture.

The lighting looks nice.

Amazing scenebuild, cool effects. Nice picture Joazzz.

That is fucking awesome.

To fix the missing L4D stuff, check the gm_mount² thread, there’s a temporary fix there.
Anyway nice job, as usual.


I’m not so fan of the electrical effects on the left tho.

Wonderful work. Is all I can say.


The only flaw I can see is, that the electricity effect is too thick and solid.

Can’t blame you for not liking it, though.


Great scenebuild, mate.