Strength in numbers... wait a second.

Oh fuck, long A is NOT clear!

How many ct’s can you count?


Skins, posing and the overall picture are of low quality

I count 8 CTs. This also might’ve been better suited to make a comic out of, but I laughed anyway. Posing on the terrorists is pretty stiff; when you’re working with models that don’t have facial expressions, you’ve gotta make the movement dynamic enough to be interesting.

The skins are interesting though; it’s a step up from the original CS:S skins, at least. I wouldn’t say this is low quality.

It’s a shame CSS people can’t be face posable

I honestly didn’t expect people to actually nit pick on this as they don’t nit pick on the pictures I actually ask them to nit pick on. So If I DON’T ask them to they will, and if I DO ask them to they wont. I learned something today.

The pose was done in about 10 minutes and it was a random idea I had (I have not done a funny pose in some time) and I thought I might as well do it. Skins I don’t find bland as they are from wystanns hexed CT and T pack but thats my opinion.

The 1337 is like…“Oh Dearie.”

Just a raw Gmod scrennshot could use just a little editing.
The bonuce is quite good.

Anyway, if you’ll add sunglasses to the Guerilla, he’ll have a dat ass face.

2nd is the best.

I laughed.

Good job on rating yourself agree, Deathbucket.

I laughed once more.


What the Christ?

It’s perfectly understandable 0v3rkill.
There’s a shitload of CTs on top of eachother.

Strangest anti terrorism tactic I’ve seen.

Probably not how the pros do it, but what do I know:) Funny pic though. Have a smiley.

Aw thanks guys (Not Firemasheen)