Stressing out, Citizen VTF's?

Ok i have so many citizen skin models, I seem to have lost the main citizen skin files that i can replace with MY skin… For example i’ve skinned eric, And there should be a file called Eric_facemap.vtf somewhere in the materials humans folder. But its no where to be found? Any help?

have you looked in the source materials.gcf?


then there should be group01, group02, and group03 or something like that. like zenx2 said, use “source materials.gcf” in your steam folder. use gcfscape to open the .gcf files.

Hmm i just verified all garrymod folders and then deleted gmod too clean things up. But now when ive started gmod again and all the folders are back, I go into gmod/materials and there is only a console folder… No models nothing


Basically what im getting at is, If i do extract the materials from GCFscape too the materials folder… It will automatically take over the skin in-game? Cause at the moment there is no file to replace


Ok ive worked it out, Cheers