Stretched models, messed up animations

Several models look like this to some of the players after a recent map change on the Open Aura HL2RP server I currently map for and play at:

Citizens and Civil Workers:

Civil Administrators:

Clearly, they’re floating about a foot off the ground and shouldn’t be doing this in the first place. There were about five people in that room, but the ones you couldn’t see just flickered in and out of visibility.

Reconnecting does not help and restarting the server or map doesn’t seem to work either. The map has since reverted back from the latest version (rp_city45_catalyst_x1e_r) to rp_city45_catalyst_x1d_stable and there has been a decline in the number of reports about this issue (there are still reports of this happening though). Both maps are compiled on the same engine (2009, EP2) and there are few differences apart from brush work and optimization which leads me to suspect its some sort of script issue with new maps though I’m probably off track.

From what I’ve heard this was once a common issue for a number of servers (not just Open Aura) and I’m hoping somebody would be able to help me out with a solution.