Stretching a DListView to fill the entire panel in the tool menu

How do you stretch a DListView (or anything) to fill the entire panel in the tool menu?

I’ve tried using the control’s parent (and its parent, and its parent) to get the height of a parent control and then do SetTall, but up to a certain point, parents are not available when the tool menu is first loaded. If I use a lower-down parent, then every time I clear and re-add the controls, then it just keeps getting shorter and shorter.

I’ve also tried StretchToParent(), but that doesn’t make it fill the area.

Have you tried panel:SizeToContents() or panel:SetAutoSize( true )?

Neither seem to do it.

DermaListView:SetSize(panel:GetWide(), panel:GetTall())

That doesn’t work either. The panel’s height does not fill the panel area.

if you don’t mind, show us your code…most of it that you can.