Strider Mod vehicles?

So Strider Mod is long dead, and neither SM4 or SMSX were released, I was wondering if someone could remake the NPC vehicles, or at least the idea of them.

Im not really familiar with SM4 or SMSX, are you talking about a pilotable strider? if so, that would really be quite nice…

are you saying you drive striders and control their guns and stuff?

Yes, Strider Mod -;37390 - is a mod that lets you control NPCs as vehicles, by using a seporate entity which is modified to allow such things, it’s pretty damn awesome, and while the second update was released which allowed APC and Helicopter control, it never stayed on the web, and that (strider only) beta is whats left.

The next one (4.0) planned for D0g, Antlion Guard, etc. vehicles too, but while it was finished, it was never released.

I was wondering if someone could remake the strider, then do the other NPCs.

I’m pretty sure there’s a dog pill. A pill would be a good thing for this, and that would be toally awesome if someone did that.

The dog pill is in a big pack which also includes several EP2 NPCs >.>

And as for pills, that’s not quite the same because as a pill, crouch either doesn’t work, or only does a burrow animation, and space is ALWAYS jump. With vehicles, space can be an attack, or a toggle on something such as the chopper blades for the heli.

Plus with vehicles you can get in and out of them and they’ll still be there, so you can use Striders to get up high :dance:
Whereas pills, you switch weapon and they’re gone, just like that D:

Oh, okay. I just found out the vehicles aren’t in every map >.>
Awesome :dance:

Bump, i’d like to see this made.