Strider Skin Override

I want to use these two Strider skins without overriding the original:

Since they aren’t hexed and I don’t know how to do that myself, is there a way I can put these skin on a strider from another addon? Or another way to accomplish my goal?

You will need to hex the strider model I think, unless of course you can find a already hexed strider and put one of the skins onto that.

That’s what I was asking. I don’t know how to hex them myself, but I have 2 addons that have striders in them, so I wanted to know if I could put the skins in them.

For reference, here are the addons I’m talking about:

They don’t have the models (I should know, I made the Extra Npc’s there). You are going to just need to find someone to hex them I guess.

Any chance you can do that? Or direct me to someone who can/will?