Strider transported via combine dropship

I have looked everywhere, searched extensively, but I cannot get a strider to work with a dropship properly. The dropship carries the strider to its destination, and the strider refuses to play its deploy animation (where it somewhat gracefully unfolds its legs and falls to the ground), instead its legs snap outward and it gets either stuck in the ground or in the air while shooting. The dropship does manage to leave though.
I’m sorry if this is a silly question or has been answered already, but even a scripted sequence can’t seem to make the strider deploy correctly, and I need this to work for a map.

I can’t remember if there was ever a strider dropped from a dropship in hl2 or any of it’s episodes… Maybe it was never implemented properly?

There is definately a animation for it. And in this machinima video here:
At around 2:01 a strider is deployed by dropship, and the maps in it were made by the author.

hmmm… I know my combine dropship wasn’t working because the info_target it was supposed to go to was too low. I moved it up and it started working. Make sure that the info_target is higher than a strider?

Experimenting now.

Hmm. Tried it just below the last dropship path_track, the strider ended up on the ground at the right height, but didn’t do the animation.


Nope, the info_targets positioning only seems to affect how high the strider will be from the ground.

Is it just me, or when you look at the strider at the moment of its landing, it seems to be playing its deploy animation, but very fast? Thats what it looks like to me.

Just decompile valves map, and see how they did it.

Last I saw was in hl2, before you were about to drop down into the citadel. I’m talking about the huge strider fight. That maybe?

Hmm…I don’t have Half-Life 2. I think they are deployed by dropship in the Battle of White Forest though, at the end of EP2. I’ll have a look.


They don’t. :frowning:

It would appear that the deploy animation is not used. The dropship has the strider cratetype, which makes it look like its carrying one. It goes behind a building/cliff and disappears, as a Strider spawns where the dropship was with a NPC_template. That much I gathered from the EP2 maps and someone who I asked to check the HL2 maps.
I wonder how it was done in that video…

You don’t have hl2 yet?

Just follow wootmonsters link.

It won’t let me download it. :frowning: Something to do with my computer not being the type the promotion is for. I’ll retry Wootmonsters link.

Try the ati one. It depends on your graphics card.

You are my hero. :slight_smile: Thanks.

That gives hl2dm and hl2:lc not half life 2.

I’m pretty sure it worked because I used it in the Ballad of Black Mesa video. I recall just following the Halfwit tutorial… Keep in mind this was before Ep2.

You helped make that? Nice work.

Nice video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup. Did the mapping (admittedly a giant greenscreen box), scripted sequencing, and a bunch of running around bumping into green walls mid-shoot.

Just did the Half-wit 2 tutorial, unfortunately it doesn’t work (the strider animation). I suppose it only worked before Episode 2.

Copy the strider file over from HL2 and the animations and put them in the appropriate Ep2 folder and try that.