StriderBuster Stick Particle Effect?

I would like to know if anyone knows what is the particle effect for when the strider buster attaches to the strider.
That knid of orange-bluish circular motion.
I thought it was the striderbuster.pcf one but it seems to be broken.
Hope anyone knows.
Thank you.

“striderbuster_explode_dummy_core” maybe. It’s the only strider related effect in this list.

Yah no, Im using this effect but its when the Strider Buster explodes, and not when it attaches to the strider.
I guess that that nice latching effect is scripted in the Strider Buster itself.

Guess I’ll have to remake it then.

Yeah, unfortunately most of the striderbuster particles aren’t available for use, apparently.

They’re in the PCF files in the Source shared GCFs, I believe.

I’ve just been using this list, and assuming its accurate I guess they built the effect into the entity without using a PCF file.

I made a search in the GCF, first, most of the PCFs in there don’t work and second, the strider buster wasen’t there :/.

You were looking in the wrong place, then. Extract the PCFs from episode two content.gcf, open the Ep2 particle editor, and start digging through them. I know I’ve seen the entirety of the strider buster’s particles there. Very few effects in Ep2, as far as I can tell, were -not- built using the Orange Box particle engine.

Alright thanks Mahalis,
I’ll go on and dig through them, in the hope of finding it.

Edit: Oh nice I found them, and they work like a charm thanks!