Striders wont spawn after fresh install?

Hey folks.

Just installed Garrys mod after a year or so out of it from playing after installing Windows 7 on my machine and i’ve kind of hit a wall.

The problem being identical to what the title says really! Striders just wont spawn! Nor the mini striders either! all of the body parts of them and what not will, but nothing else.

anyone got any clues?

You can’t spawn strider NPCs in vanilla GMod because striders are scripted into maps.

You can get addons to make them spawn, but all they do is stand there and fire that pulse gun at you.

You can spawn them via console, Corky. And for the mini-striders, it sounds like you have ai disabled? Try toggling the checkbox in the Q Menu’s NPC tab; and if not, ai_disable (or ai_disabled, enable, enabled, etc; not played in a long time) 0.