Striders work now?

I was messing around on gm_construct doing some lua stuff, when just randomly, I decided to spawn a strider via console.

After picking him up (he spawned underground) and putting him at a decent height level, he began to shoot me with that minigun of his, nothing unusual. I shot back etc. messing around.

And then something happened.

He began to walk.

Which as far as I know, is impossible for a strider spawned out of thin air.

He didn’t go anywhere interesting, but he was WALKING. on gm_construct.
Without any special lua.
Without any special spawn stuff (he was spawned straight from console)

garry put path nodes on construct a long time ago.

They can walk on GM_construct since Orange Box update in 2007.

I think they walk on gm_atomic too. Not sure though.