Strigas Rust Server:No Dura/sleepers/pvp/Vanilla/Very Active Admins

Strigas gaming introduces their new Rust server! The server will have the following conditions:
WIPED 6/21

How to join: net.connect (F1 ingame and copy paste the underlined text)

-No Durability
-Sleepers Activated
-Vanilla Rust
-Active admins that will be apart of the server action!

Server Features:
Language - English
Server Status - Vanilla
Lagfree - Yes
Admins - Active and friendly
Aidrop - at 15 ppl
PVP - Yes
Russian IP - Ban
Cheater/Hacker - Ban
Server Location - Seattle, Washington

“Come and be apart of the rust action, Fight, Trade, and Strive in the rust world with the strigas community!”

Sweet Server, Infrequent Wipe.

Some of the best admins I know.



bumpity bump bump

Also server wipe was today another will not occur for quite some time.

sir bumps-alot