"Strike down"

Posing by Hairybastard. Something like digital painting (but it’s not, ofcourse).
in waiting of new videocard.



that’s awesome

Can’t see what’s going on.

Little analysis.


Damn that’s fancy.

were did u get those models from?

The Internet.

He didn’t pose it. Hairybastard did. I think he got them out of a Lost Planet pack.

Nice edits.

where in the internet.


Check my gmod.org page.

Pretty :slight_smile:
And the lost planet models on gmod.org do not have the open hatch version…

yeah that happened to me too thats why i asked were did he get those open hatch version at

The Internet doesn’t have a physical presence, so there is no “location” for me to show.


expert analysis

Since when was there a Jack model with faceposing?