Striker Weapons Pack



1: Fixed m82 Barrett reloading sounds.
2: Added New Weapon Brass Knuckles
3: Added New Weapon G36 from game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R
4: Changed M82 Barrett Fire Rate
5: Changed M82 Clip Size
6: Changed m76 Clip Size
7: Changed m76 Rate of Fire
8: Added new weapon IMI Tavor TAR-21
9: Added new weapon H&K Glock 18 with fully automatic and semi functions

But you have to wait a bit with edit version !! Im making last tests. Ill upload it tomorrow

NB : Dont tell me that Brass knuckles anims look likes knife anims. Sorry but i didn’t make the anims.



V1 download


Thank you FPSBANANA skinners for these awesome skins.

I want to thank WORSHIPPER for REAL_CS_BASE.
Also i want to thank Devenger for Ironsight Designer

Great big thanks to my teacher Minihunter who taught me LUA.

Thank you Razor for beta testing :smiley:

And All Credits of models, skins and anims.

For MP9 - Logger , Thanez

For G36c - Twinke Masta , Hav0c , Darkstorn and Unbreakable

M4A1 Sopmod - Twinke Masta and Polygon

M76 - Twinke Masta

M82 Barret - Twinke Masta and Hav0c

G36 - KingFriday, modderfreak ,Outcast

Brass Knuckles - CHEESESTEAKJIM ,EXESS ,LOOM ,modderfreak ,sHiBaN

Extract it into your Addons folder

Downloading Now:smile:

i found out that m82 doesn’t have reload sounds :(. Trying to fix that.



Hey Striker :3

Wow, you changed a few model paths and sounds! Very impressive!

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This is awesome.

But where’s credit to me?
I teached you that stuff :snoop:

i guess i forgot :=

Hey , Volume 2 is out !! download it and tell me what do you think. Ill make video later because my fraps does not record sounds anymore :S

Hmm, Jumped aboard the fail train here striker.

Looking good striker :smiley:

due to unknown reasons my wep pack were deleted from :S

Reupload it then.

i will :smiley: but ill add something first.

Ironic, V1 is up but V2 isnt.

Aside for perhaps the Tavor i don’t see anything really “new” in this pack. I’m pretty sure those weapons and yes, some of those exact same skins were already used in other SWEPs that I already have.

I know ! i need to re-upload it , but i am having some serious problems with that. I hope i can fix it today so i can upload it.

EDIT: Okay uploading V2 Edit !!! I hope u like it guz its going to be my last version of this wep pack.

sorry, hate to bump but can you reupload the V2?