Striker's Birthday Vices

That’s right kids, ol’ Striker’s havin’ a birthday…


  • :love: you Gaina.
  • This took me an hour and a half
  • I’m gettin’

*fucked up*

this weekend…legally!

Go on Gaina, go on Striker, be a kid again.
I think I will too…



Awesome comic, have fun gettin drunk at 21.

Hide the Beer.

Damn why did i give him beer…

Thanks for the chuckles. In the words of T’Pol (Start Trek Enterprise) I found it enjoyable.

That’s hilarious. Happy early birthday to you.

Good thing i’m already enjoying it for a long time since i can drink from my 16th. Awesome. Have fun Strikey!

I see that this comic features a toy truck from Sliferz’s used toy truck import emporium!

If you’re looking for the best toy cars around, go somewhere else!

Great comic, like always!

hillarious striker :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah. Funny comic was funny.

One thing I don’t understand. Why do we get a good shot of DmGaina’s arse in the last panel?

Happy B-Day Striker, I’ll give you your Crysis PS soldier, i’ll give you ALL of them to if you desire.

Happy late birthday striker!

I’ll still do that b-day comic for you but it’s gonna have to be a bit late, I’ve been so busy lately.

Nice work on the comic, I might work something us as well, 21st birthday is quite important.

I wonder what should i get for Striker’s birthday?