[Strikers Untitled Post-Christmas Comic]

Seven Images to Load


  • This WAS supposed to be out on Christmas Eve, but as always, life got in the way.
  • There was an alternate ending to this, buuuut I wanted to get it out today.
  • There are FIVE hidden/secret messages, post them all correctly, you get a prize!
  • If you’re wondering what the experiments are; Castro is a Spanish Flamingo man with Crowbar arms, RfS has been genetically infused with a blow up doll, and Jason is a Hovering Mexican Monkey man.

Just occurred to me that one of the secrets is slightly obstructed, get as much of it as you can.

Hah, Finally.


Quite funny.



Well at least, everyone got what they wanted, especially raptor.

Thanks for those test subjects, Striker, really helped my research!

Awesome comic.

This was quite awesome.

Great comic, as always.

What do you mean by “messages”?

haha we need more castro Raptor and jason comics ;D


Striker you sly motherfucker.

I can’t read the message to clearly, on jason’s grave, but, “that guy that got raped by nemesis that one night”

Is that one :v:?

…there’s nothing there…

He’s referring to “the game” on the picture I believe.

hahaha I just noticed that.

Honest, that was coincidental.

Here are the two original, unedited shots that I took.


But what about mine :frowning:

notice the notepads note on the first panel it appears.

Right behind Zeeky before he fires the rocket, it says something.

Bitches be stealing my pussy. :colbert:

Great comic, stuff like this brings me back to the good old days in the comic section.

Really great.
I like number 8.