Stripped 40s Rat Pickup

Still a fucking WIP. It’s not done yet. I’ll date this bitch up with more related pics as it goes.

Thought about making a friend of mines fathers Pickup. I think it’s pretty awesome and I felt like making a gmod version. The real life thing scares the fucking shit outa me, it’s got a 383 c. i. 700 hp Supercharged Engine. I got to drive it once and I’ll probably never drive anything as fast on 4 wheels again.

Anyway, pics.

The engine. (lolel sucks)

As I said, this is WIP, I just felt like posting it to get some feedback.

Nah, engine looks cool. Moreover, I like the design. And that you built the seats yourself. All looks ace so far. Btw my steam friends window won’t open, write to me.

You should leave the front wide open and just make some fenders. No grill would be awesome.

Also, you should enter in this months truck comp, you might take the looks category.

Waiting for finished version, right now I just love the seats, engine and what’s that steering wheel? O_o

A very thin bar going from the radiator to the firewall.

Also… How many props are there per seat?

I count 60 :expressionless:

where did you get the wheels and the steering wheel?

and it looks really nice :smiley:

I don’t like it, work harder to impress me.


like my ass

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why poast if its not done

also, i did not read the bold text at the bottom

I don’t like how it’s a pickup, pickup rat rods scare me D=
The grill should be rounded on top?
Sweet engine and where the hell do you get the wheels???


And you’re gonna have fuzzy dice rite

Is that steering wheel made from human spines? That must be the most badass steering wheel of all time, satan don’t got 1 o those