Strogg Model

Could someone make a strogg tactical transfer from quake 4 model? I’m trying to make a npc, and I can’t find a model. if any of you could make one, and it doesn’t really need to be a tactical transfer, but maybe a marine or something.

these are the models I would like:

Tactical Transfer-The main thing here!
Hyperblaster-The weapon for this guy.
Strogg Marine (optional)-Just another suggestion for a guy.
Human Marine (optional)-Someone to fight.
Machine Gun (optional)-For the marine.
Railgun (optional)-For some snipers.

so far I have these jobs open:

Lua coder-just for a little help about making a npc.
MODELER!!-The main person here! (I’de perfer an experianced one please, but if you are interested, then give it a shot.)

And I think that’s it. I already have sounds, so thats a start, sort of.


Strogg Marine:
Tactical Transfer:

There are some pics. I told you I would uplaod them later.

If you are interested, please message me. steam name “Tough Man1”

There has to be someone interested.

I think there was one ported a while ago.

Let me find the link.


Yes and I am working on a player & NPC pack for them. I just gotta figure out the bad NPC lua script I threw together

I’ll e-mail the sounds I collected form my game to you if you make the npc. Just give me your e-mail adress.

Is that one the same S-low ported?

I guess so, I don’t recall any other Strogg models.

Can we stay on topic please?

Shame this thread died. I guess no one else likes quake.

Tactical transfer

I could easly have done it myself, but I don’t know how to put the animation on the model, nor to make a weapon for it, perferably the hyperblaster.