Strong Bad models Thread

Here I will post all the Strong Bad models I have ported so far.

The pack of all the characters together!

I will make more later but for now it might go a little slow. Also I’ll do any requests people have.

My next projects when I get the time:
Doc Brown from Back to the Future The Game
Possibly characters from On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness

Requests and any help on this from anyone is welcome.

Ah, Homestar Runner and the gang would be nice. :3

Having a model of Strong Bad would be incredible, keep up the awesome work!

Strong Bad’s already been ported by Rebbacus.

excellent work style, ill say

“It’s Stong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People !

It’s already downloading .

Could it be possible for you to port Homsar at this point? That guy is hilarious.

Probably. I’m working on porting Stinkoman first because I would guess that he may be the most complex of the characters.

Edit: I was just thinking. Maybe I could make a ripped Strong Bad of my own from the game that has face posing for the eyes and the mouth and has a body group to change the mouth from a square to a circle (if there is a bodygroup tutorial that could tell me how to make one) I would base this off of Rebbacus’ ragdoll (I would use the size and possibly the textures) but other than that it would be done all by me. Anybody think this is a good idea?

This is why I check Facepunch’s Gmod releases instead of always using

You’re awesome

Making some progress with Stinkoman’s model. I got the head looking right and I think the hair looks good.

The rest of the body should be a snap, hopefully. I’ll make sure and make separate bodygroups for the different mouths.

Edit: I forgot to say that if anyone wants to they could help me out with the other models. I could rip them and if a person or persons knows how to fix the models up they could volunteer to make it into a ragdoll while I work on a different one.

Alright, I think except for the little white circles on his shoes that look off that I need to fix I think he is ready to rig. I also think the shade of blue on the circles is off but I can fix that real quick. What do you guys think?

Stinkoman be lookin’ great.

Also, can you port Bluster Blaster from Sam and Max? I know it’s not Strong Bad, but their games are both made by Telltale, so I dunno.

Yeah I’m sure I can do that. I’ll do that next and then work on that Homsar request. If I can learn skingrouping I could probably make Bluster Blaster with his different textures on his screen. How many does he have anyway?

Can you please port Trogdor the Burninator ? It would be AWESOME to have him in gmod !

Yeah I’ll be glad to. Thanks for the request. Stinkoman is almost done.

Stinkoman Released!

It would be a really good idea since Rebacuss’s Strong Bad doesn’t work with some people . (Including me :frowning: )

Why doesn’t his work? How exactly does it not work? Also after thinking about how I would alter Strong Bad I figured it would be easier to just alter Rebbacus’. I sent him a personal message on YouTube asking if I could.

It T-poses, like every model from Rebaccus and some other models .