Strong Erdim

Here is my new Headhack, i use the head from the citizen male09 and the body from Vince Diesel, all two reskin in hq texture

Juste extract the zip into your addon folder.


Wow, that model kicks ass!

Sorry, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was…

“I’m you!”

“No, you’re me!”


Muahaha Excellent !!! ^^

muscle man!

All he needs is an Elvis-style hairdo, and you’ve got a Johnny Bravo model. Even without that, this is still a VERY good model.

Would need Reskin. The arms reskinned to be flesh, pants cleaned, and shoes Black, but yeah.

Goddamn, this would be perfect for an Arnie hack.

I lol’d, head hack the other males and we’ve got ourselves a gym fitness parody


We need a modeler on this ASAP.

Talk about steroids.

Heh Johnny Bravo!


it’s like a bobblehead gone horribly horribly wrong

Hmmm i can do that ! ^^

I meant small

It’s not disproportionately big or small, it looks great.

whats freaky is that it uses the same face texture as my personal skin

Haha if someone does reskin this to be Arnold you MUST use the “Arnold is numero uno” shirt, he wore during the “Pumping Iron” movie.
haha that would be great.

Nice, but he looks like he’s wearing skin tight clothes, which, unfortunatly, makes him looks gay. Nice hack anyway…


Johnny Bravo!